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FortiGate 1000D

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The FortiGate 1000D delivers high performance threat protection and SSL inspection for large enterprises and service providers, with the flexibility to be deployed at the enterprise/cloud edge, in the data center core or internal segments. The multiple high-speed interfaces, high port density, superior security efficacy and high throughput of the 1000D keeps your network connected and secure

2 x 10GE SFP+ slots, 16 x GE SFP Slots, 16 x GE RJ45 ports, 2 x GE RJ45 Management ports, SPU NP6 and CP8 hardware accelerated, 1 x 256GB SSD onboard storage, dual AC power supplies

Firewall IPS NGFW Threat Protection Interfaces
52 Gbps 6 Gbps 5 Gbps 4 Gbps Multiple GE RJ45, GE SFP and 10 GE SFP+ slots

  1. USB Management Port
  2. USB Ports
  3. Console Port
  4. 2x GE RJ45 Management Ports
  5. 16x GE SFP Slots
  6. 16x GE RJ45 Ports
  7. 2x 10 GE SFP+ Slots
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NP Direct
By removing the Internal Switch Fabric, the NP Direct architecture provides direct access to the SPU-NP for the lowest latency forwarding. NGFW deployments require some attention to network design to ensure optimal use of this technology

Content Processor
The SPU CP8 content processor works outside of the direct flow oftraffic, providing high-speed cryptography and content inspection services including:

- Signature-based content inspection acceleration
- Encryption and decryption offloading

Network Processor
Fortinet’s new, breakthrough SPU NP6 network processor works inline with FortiOS functions delivering:

- Superior firewall performance for IPv4/IPv6, SCTP and multicast traffic with ultra-low latency      down to 2 microseconds
- VPN, CAPWAP and IP tunnel acceleration
- Anomaly-based intrusion prevention, checksum offload and packet defragmentation
- Traffic shaping and priority queuing

10 GE Connectivity
High speed connectivity is essential for network security segmentation. The FortiGate 800D provides 10 GE slots that simplify network designs without relying on additional devices to
bridge desired connectivity

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