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FortiGate Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) Virtual Appliance - Industry-leading multi-cloud security and high-performance threat protection.

Fortinet delivers both physical and virtualized security appliances to secure unique data planes. It offers on one side, unmatched performance and security capabilities while allowing for the growth and evolution of the consolidating Data Center with no service degradation or bottlenecks, no compromise on security, and with an unmatched ROI - fulfilling the outcomes of a robust softwaredefined security framework.

FortiGate Virtual Appliances allow you to mitigate blind spots by implementing critical security controls within your virtual infrastructure. They also allow you to rapidly provision security infrastructure whenever and wherever it is needed. FortiGate virtual appliances feature all of the security and networking services common to traditional hardware-based FortiGate appliances. With the addition of virtual appliances from Fortinet, you can deploy a mix of hardware and virtual appliances, operating together and managed from a common centralized management platform.

Key Specifications:

Hardware Specifications      
vCPU Support (Minimum / Maximum) 1/1 1/2 1/4
Storage Support (Minimum / Maximum) 32 GB / 2 TB 32 GB / 2 TB 32 GB / 2 TB
Wireless Access Points Controlled (Tunnel/Global) 32/64 256/512 256/512
Virtual Domains (Default/Maximum)* 10/10 10/25 10/50
Firewall Policies 10,000 10,000 10,000
Maximum Number of Registered Endpoints 2,000 2,000 8,000
Unlimited User Licence Yes Yes Yes

* Not applicable to FG-VMxxV and FG-VMxxS series, which does not support VDOMs by default


Private Coluds (Hypervisors) Public Clouds
VMware ESXi v5.5 / v6.0 / v6.5 / v6.7 Amazon AWS (including GovCloud and AWS China)
VMware NSX-T v2.3* VMware Cloud on AWS
Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 / 2012 / 2012 R2 / 2016 / 2019** VMware Cloud on Dell EMC
Microsoft AzureStack Microsoft Azure (including regional Azure: US Gov, Germany, and China) and AzureStack syndication
Firewall Policies Google GCP (Google Cloud Platform)
Citrix Xen XenServer v5.6 sp2, v6.0, v6.2 and later Oracle OCI
Open source Xen v3.4.3, v4.1 and later Alibaba Cloud (AliCloud)
KVM qemu 0.12.1 & libvirt 0.10.2 and later for Red Hat Enterprise Linux / CentOS 6.4 and later /
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (generic kernel)
KVM qemu 2.3.1 for SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP1 LTSS  
Nutanix AHV (AOS 5.10, Prism Central 5.10)***  
Cisco Cloud Services Platform 2100***  

* FortiGate-VM 6.0.4+ supports VMware NSX-T.
** FortiGate-VM 6.2.3+ supports Microsoft Hyper-V 2019.
*** FortiGate-VM 6.0.3+ supports Nutanix AHV and Cisco CSP 2100.


FortiGuard Labs delivers a number of security intelligence services to augment the FortiGate firewall platform. You can easily optimize the protection capabilities of your FortiGate with one of these FortiGuard Bundles.


  360 Protection Enterprise Protection UTM Threat Protection
FortiCare ASE 24x7 24x7 24x7
FortiGuard App Control Service
FortiGuard IPS Service
FortiGuard Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) — Antivirus, Mobile Malware,
Botnet, CDR, Virus Outbreak Protection, and FortiSandbox Cloud Service
FortiGuard Web Filtering Service  
FortiGuard Antispam Service  
FortiGuard Security Rating Service    
FortiGuard Industrial Service    
FortiGuard IoT Detection Service    
FortiConverter Service    
IPAM Cloud      
SD-WAN Orchestrator Entitlement      
SD-WAN Cloud Assisted Monitoring      
SD-WAN Overlay Controlloer VPN Service      
FortiAnalyzer Cloud      
FortiManager Cloud      
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Additional Information

Max vCPU Support:
Max Storage Support:
2 TB
VDOMs (Yes/No):
Max VDOMs:
Max Endpoints:
FortiGate Model:
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